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With the aim to bring safety, trust and control to the world’s Single Use processes, Flowmeister BV was founded in 2019.

Daily business is managed by Ron van Dooren,  experienced in Equipment Manufacturing, Quality Assurance and Business Development.

In close co-operation with the manufacturer MIB GmbH, our focus is on the worldwide Single Use market. Reliability, accuracy and versatility of Flowmax® instruments make the difference.

The Flowmax® 242i Single Use flowmeter was introduced in 2015 and has meanwhile been validated by multiple key-players in the bio-pharmaceutical industry.

In addition to the Single Use flowmeters, the Flowmax® family has five more productranges to serve OEM, Chemistry and Food applications.
We cover flows from 300 ml/hour up to 54.000 l/hour.


  • Vaccine-manufacturer’s QA

    Flowmax® calibrated Single Use measuring tube ensures that our process runs as designed.
    Everytime, all the time!

  • Downstream Process manager

    We experienced that Flowmeister understands our concerns. The advised flowmax® 242i is fit for purpose and has proven to be a fast and reliable sensor, compatible with our pulsating pump-flows.

  • Plant Operations manager

    The flexibility of one electronic housing that can connect to each size of Single Use measuring tube is unique. The easy switching saves our valuable time, reducing waste and risks.

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