Flowmax® ultrasonic flowmeasurement or Coriolis

Flowmax® ultrasonic flowmeasurement competes with Coriolis

Two high-end technologies for accurate flow-measurement are Coriolis and ultrasonic.
If a direct mass-measurement is required, no doubt Coriolis is the best option.
The direct mass-reading must be worth the price-difference.

In all other cases, think twice and let yourself be informed!

Buy from the manufacturer

Obtain advise from Flowmeister, and get your parts directly from the manufacturer.

Flowmax® flowmeters are developed, produced, tested, calibrated, packed and shipped by one company: MIB GmbH.
Experience the advantage of dealing directly with the manufacturer.

With Flowmeister as your consultancy partner you will benefit from fast response and proper advise.
Your direct line to the manufacturer guarantees an efficient and transparent delivery and invoicing process.

First line support by Flowmeister can easily be taken over by MIB’s service & support department for more complex questions.

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